Advanced Locking Solutions Partners with Amazon.

Advanced Locking Solutions and Amazon Key for Business Division recently formed a partnership to install Key for Business fobs in multi-family buildings that have existing door access control devices.  ADVLS will install the fob upgrade at no charge for the installation, hardware, and long-term maintenance.  The Key for Business increases delivery efficiency, eliminates the need for your staff to spend time on Amazon deliveries, and eliminates person-to-person contact with Amazon delivery drivers.

This is how it works:

You contact Advanced Locking Solutions to get detailed installation information and share with us which door and room you want the drivers to access. Advanced Locking Solutions installs a smart device that seamlessly integrates your building’s existing access system with the Amazon delivery app. which will only give building access to the verified driver who has a package on their route for that shift, for a limited amount of time.

Enroute, the Amazon delivery driver presses the Key for Business access button on their delivery app to gain authorization.  The app displays step-by-step delivery instructions – including pictures – to guide them to the delivery location (lobby, mailroom, etc.) determined by property management.

At the building, a multi-step authentication confirms the driver’s ID, delivery route, location, and time of access request via the secure Amazon cloud before they can enter your facility. Once they enter the building they are monitored and have time-limited building entry.

Each driver’s entry and exit time and packages they deliver are logged and recorded to the Amazon Cloud.  Each delivery report is available to your management team for reference.

How Amazon’s Key for Business works.

Advanced Locking Solutions installs a smart fob that connects with your building’s existing access system and with the Amazon delivery app.
The delivery driver simply presses the access button on their Amazon delivery app to gain authorized building entry and then delivers packages.

Delivery drivers
request building
access through the
Amazon delivery app.

Amazon confirms
the driver’s ID
route, location, and
time of the request.

Delivery drivers are
granted time-
bound access for
the delivery.

Your residents’
packages are
securely delivered
and notified.

How it works video.