Preventative Maintenance

Programs Create Safer More Secure Facilities While Reducing Emergency and Repair Costs

Preventative Maintenance Program Services

Each Preventative Maintenance Program provides a comprehensive operational review of all your doors and their hardware to evaluate their functionality. Our skilled professionals compile a report on the condition of your doors and hardware and make recommendations and cost estimates for their restoration. Technicians maintain your facility’s security and safety by enhancing equipment functionality.  They tighten loose fasteners, adjust hardware tension and alignment, ensure all hardware is properly lubricated, and provide you a report of any items that are excessively worn or cannot be modified to meet industry standards.

By subscribing to a Preventative Maintenance Program,
you may just find more time on your hands.

Program Benefits


Malfunction Reduction

Discover potential issues and plan service at your convenience as opposed to inconvenient emergency repairs.


Increase Safety

Ensure all openings meet applicable safety and ADA standards.


Pre-Budgeted Repairs

Anticipating future costs of major upgrades and repairs, proactively will ensure that your facility’s safety and security is maintained.


Decrease Downtime

Significant decrease in costly downtime by extending the life of your doors, locks, and gates.

Operational Efficiency

Increase operational efficiency, reliability and safety of your facility’s doors and hardware, which reduces operational costs and repairs.

Peace of Mind

Your facility’s doors are meeting the most current applicable standards.

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