Review:  Salto KS

Every door deserves to be smarter. SALTO defines how your business access control should work. Making it easy for everyone. Making it simple for any door.

System Statements

  • The same e-mail address cannot be used for both Installer and “User” accounts.

  • Existing email address under User role, cannot become owner of his/her own system. Sign up needs to be done with a new email address, then the email address needs to be invited on the other system under User role.

  • Maximum of 250 users (non-technical limitation)

  • 39 masterkeys per system (lock limitation)

  • Access Group restrictions will not apply for Masterkey users when IQ is not reachable.

  • An Admin or SuperUser doesn’t need a Code from the Owner in order to activate the app. An Admin or SuperUser will receive an email with the invitation in order to set up his login credentials.

  • An Owner needs a Code from the his 1st device in order to activate the app in a 2nd device (iPad, 2nd mobile phone, etc.)

  • If an Owner forgets its PIN, it has to reset the IQ.

  • If an Admin or SuperUser forgets its PIN, it has to be reserted by the Owner on the system account.

  • A SuperUser needs to belong to an Access Group in order to activate the app.

  • One tag can be invited to multiple systems.

  • A tag can only be deleted from the System in which it was enrolled.

  • 1 up to 16 Access Points per IQ

  • 1 up to 6 Repeaters per IQ

  • Maximum 3 layers of Repeaters per IQ

  • The IQ has 10m of signal radius

  • Repeater: 10m of signal radius as a booster of IQ

  • IQ 1.0 has a 2G Cellular connection. Not WiFi.

  • IQ 2.0 can be equipped with multiple interfaces: (PoE)LAN, WiFi and 2G/3G/LTE Cellular

  • 100 app users per system (IQ 1.0 limitation).

  • 10.000 app users per system (IQ 2.0 9.0.25 and up required)

  • Up to 1000 users storage in the IQ 1.0. The Local Access Mangement (LAM) guarantees a copy of the server database in the IQ.

  • Up to 10.000 users storage in the IQ 2.0 (9.0.25 and up required). The Local Access Mangement (LAM) guarantees a copy of the server database in the IQ.


Specifications ADA–Americans With Disabilities Act: 9K series – The design and operation of the BEST® cylindrical lock meets the intent of the standard for ANSI A117.1 section 404.2.6 Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association: 9K series – Listed by BHMA for A156.2, Series 4000, Grade 1. Underwriters Laboratories®: 9K series – Listed by Underwriters Laboratories for use on 3 Hr, A label for single or double swinging doors. California State Fire Marshal: 9K series – Listed with California State Fire Marshal. 9K series 14 & 15 lever conforms with California Title 24.

Superior Materials

Superior materials, design, and strength. We designed the 9K series to deliver exceptional results in more applications. With durability that exceeds ANSI Grade 1 requirements and options to accommodate a host of potential requirements, the BEST 9K series ensures premium performance.