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Services List

Here is a list of locking solution services we offer. Call us with any questions.
  • Access Control Hardware Sales
  • Access Control Installations
  • Commercial Locksmithing
  • High Security Key Systems
  • Commercial Key Systems Design
  • Systems Management
  • Custom Design & Fabrication
  • Commercial Door Sales & Service
  • Installation Done on Time
  • Installation Right the First Time

Custom Solutions

Have an unsecure location with no clue how to improve your security?
We can create a custom solution to meet your needs. Contact us today.

Services Overview

Access Control Solutions

How important is access control to your business? With retail theft accounting for billions of dollars in profit loss per year, we're sure that you are concerned with implementing an access control solution in the best way possible for your business. Whether you want keypads, card readers, smart cards, or biometrics, we can help you customize your security hardware solution to meet your security needs and be the least intrusive to your employees or tenants.

Key System Solutions

Tired of that 10lb key ring? With a Master Key system you control where employees have access, thus helping to protect your assets, safeguard sensitive documents and secure facility areas.

How does a master key system work? In a master key system there is one key that will open all the doors. Under the master key you can set up submaster keys. These are perfect for different divisions of your company or maybe different floors. Under each submaster, you can select who gets what key and what door they can open. We welcome you to give us a call and see how a Master Key System can benefit your organization.

Commercial Hardware Solutions

Do you know what you get from a top-of-the-line security hardware solution? Peace of mind AND lifelong savings on the products you purchase. Advanced Locking Solutions uses the best security hardware to meet your needs from companies like Schlage and LCN, which have been proven to be both secure and outlast much of the competition.