Advanced Locking Solutions

Physical security is crucial to the success of every business. A secured and locked facility protects sensitive data, IT infrastructure, and valuable property critical to the success and day-to-day flow of your business.  To be secure, your facility doors and hardware must be reliable and properly function.   Advanced Locking Solutions specializes in facility door and hardware installation, service and preventative maintenance management.  Call us today discuss how Advanced Locking Solutions can better secure your facility and lower your long-term hardware costs.

Expert Knowledge

Our expert technicians are the smartest in the business.  Talk to our staff today about the many different ways we can help make your facility more secure.

Key & Keyless Systems

A master key system helps control employee access, protects your assets, and safeguard sensitive documents.

Precision Alignment/Installation

Precise alignment is the key and major factor determining the long-term cost-savings and security of your facility.

Preventative Maintenance

A preventative maintenance program will secure, your facility and give you peace of mind and lifelong savings on the door hardware you purchase.

Electric Hardware Solutions

Whether its keypads, card readers, or smart cards, you’ll receive the most cost-effective and long-lasting electrical hardware available in the industry.

ADA Compliance

We provide and install a variety of ADA equipment for the needs of your facility. ADVLS keeps current on all ADA compliancy regulations.

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