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We care for each facility as if it were our own.


Physical security is crucial for every business. A secured and locked facility protects sensitive data, IT infrastructure, and valuable property, critical to the success and day-to-day flow of your business. To be secure, your facility doors and hardware must be reliable and function properly. Advanced Locking Solutions specializes in commercial door lock hardware installation, and preventative maintenance management. Call us today to discuss how ADVLS can better secure your facility and lower your long-term door hardware costs.

Our Services

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Problems We Solve

Problem: Door Closer Tension

Improper tension results in improperly shutting doors, which risks the safety and security of people and property.

Solution: Precision Calibration

Our expert technicians ensure all door hinges and closers are properly tensioned and lubricated to increase safety and security.

Problem: Key Tracking

Poorly managed keys result in unwanted key duplications, costly rekeying, and the inability to track keys.

Solution: Key & Keyless Systems

Both our key and keyless management systems are scalable and convenient. We design key management plans that work for every situation.

Problem: Door Alignment

Door hardware alignment is stressed in high-use areas, jeopardizing the safety and security of people and property.

Solution: Precision Alignment

Precise alignment is a major determination in long-term security, as well as hardware cost-savings.

Problem: Hardware Malfunction

Door hardware failure can be costly, unsafe for both your employees and business, and produce unwanted downtime.

Solution: Preventative Maintenance

A preventative maintenance program keeps door hardware in excellent working order, increasing the longevity of the hardware you purchase.

Problem: Key Tracking

Not knowing who enters a facility at any given time makes the people and property of a company less secure.

Solution: Electronic Access Control

Our systems, which can be managed from a phone, conveniently provide 24-hr surveillance and control of all door activity.

Problem: ADA Compliance

Not being ADA compliant can harm a company’s reputation and subject them to lawsuits, fines, and penalties.

Solution: ADA Compliancy

We provide and install ADA compliant hardware to ensure that your facility meets ADA compliance regulations.

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